How to copy and paste a powerpoint slide to word on a mac

All you need to do is to apply Word's built-in heading styles to your text, and PowerPoint will do the rest. For example, say you have typed the following text in your Word document:. For each slide in this example, the line to be the slide title received the Heading 1 style, and the remaining lines of text for each slide received the Heading 2 style. PowerPoint can only convert text formatted with a heading style, but you can use any of Word's built-in heading styles.

Check out the Microsoft Word archive , and catch up on other Word tips. Be your company's Microsoft insider with the help of these Windows and Office tutorials and our experts' analyses of Microsoft's enterprise products. Delivered Mondays and Wednesdays. Any problems a Mac has running a PowerPoint presentation created on a PC stem from embedded file type incompatibilities, as opposed to problems with PowerPoint itself.

PowerPoint files, identified by the file extension ". An operating-system agnostic or cross-platform file's compatibility is determined by the program that reads the file, as opposed to the operating system. Designing PowerPoint presentations with cross-platform best practices in mind can ensure that all elements of the presentation will work in Office for both Windows and Mac OS X.

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According to Microsoft, users should avoid WindowsMedia and QuickTime file formats for audio and video content because the two may not work on Mac OS X and Windows systems respectively without installing additional software. Which makes sense, right? Why bother doing things manually one-by-one when you can do it all at once?

The Media File Conundrum

And if you are on a PC, you can additionally shortcut all of these using your Ribbon Guides details below. Changes your mouse cursor into an arrow symbol that allows you to select an element chart, picture, SmartArt graphic, etc. This is different than when you click things with your mouse. When you click with your mouse, you normally click into the object as if you are going to edit it. The Select Objects command ensures that you select the object itself.

That way you can cut and paste it, or move it around within your document. Selects all of the text within a Word document that matches the formatting of the text that you have already selected.

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This is one of the coolest features in Microsoft Word that hardly anyone knows about. This command grabs all of the same formatted text within a document, so you can change it's formatting all at once. Inside the Selection Pane you can see and quickly manipulate all the objects in a Word document.

Similar to the Selection Pane in PowerPoint, it only only shows you the objects on the current page you are currently working on. That means that if you have charts in your Word document but only 1 chart on your current page, you will only see 1 chart in the Selection Pane. Instead of using your mouse to access the selection commands, on a PC you can use your Ribbon Guides.

To use these shortcuts, simply hit the Alt key on your keyboard. Hitting the Alt key, you will see alphabetical sequences to the commands across your Ribbon.

Mac PowerPoint How to Export Text from Slides | PDG & Associates Web Design

Note: When using your Ribbon Guide shortcuts in Word, you do not need to hold them down. Instead, simply hit and let go of them one at a time following the letters forward. To learn more about the Microsoft Office ribbon, see this guide by Microsoft here. Because there are so many more inputs that can go into an Excel spreadsheet, there are 7 different selection commands in Excel all covered below.

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This is a fast way and easy way to quickly identify and change the formatting of any formulas in your spreadsheet. Clicking Comments automatically selects all of the comments in your spreadsheet pictured below.

Convert your Word documents into PowerPoint 2007 presentations

Comments show up in your spreadsheet as little markers in the upper-right hand corner of your cells. If you don't want to waste time searching for them, simply use these command. Clicking Conditional Formatting selects any cells within your spreadsheet that have conditional formatting in them. This allows you to spot check or change the conditional formatting rules for those specific cells. To learn more about conditional formatting rules, and how to use them, see this article by Microsoft here.