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The 11 best DJ software applications in the world today

Love the audio quality of this DJ mixing software! It works great, and the feature I am most happy with is video playback. After using it for a while as the demo, I have developed quite a wish list. I am seriously considering purchasing this software, and making it part of my band's live performances.

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Video mixing also including reverse, pitch, break, scratch video. Seamless beat loop and cue functions let you easily remix tracks on the fly. Full iTunes integration Seamlessly integrates with your iTunes library and makes it easy for you to mix your favorite music and video from iTunes. Automated Beat-Matching Always stay in perfect beat with one-click tempo and beat-matching technology.


Load your audio, video or Karaoke tracks, and the DJ Software will change the tempo of your track for pin-point synchronization. Automatic Harmonic Mixing For musically perfect mixes the key can be changed or locked to achieve not only beat-matched but also key-matched mixes. Audio Effects There are many built-in audio effects and filters can be applied to change the sound of the track, and offers support for third party VST plug-ins effects , AudioUnits, EQs and filters for each deck, microphone or master signal.

Powerful Samplers: 8 individual samplers for looping or jingles where you can load files with beats or jingles, or you can send a loop from any deck to any of the sampler's 8 banks.

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The loops will also be in-sync with the other decks. External display Support preview the video when you are mixing videos, and display your video mixes to an external monitor, TV or projector.

This DJ software has the ability to quickly display or hide your audience video screen with one click. A free version, Serato DJ Intro, is also available.

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Ableton Live wasn't initially designed as a DJ application; when the software first launched in it was pitched purely as a DAW digital audio workstation and marketed as a piece of music production software. It quickly proved immensely popular with DJs, however, thanks to its unique Session View - a window dedicated to launching synchronised loops - and the intuitive way it handles the retiming of audio files. For those after an application that blurs the line between DJing, live performance and production, Ableton Live is unbeatable.

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Read our Ableton Live Suite 8 review. Its two biggest selling points are its open nature - meaning it supports a huge range of DJ controllers and digital vinyl system - and the fact it can run as a VST within a host DAW. The downside is that it only features two decks, as opposed to four like Traktor and Serato. It's relatively basic and light on advanced features, but it certainly gets the job done. What's more, the features it does pack are all of a high quality; its auto beat matching is excellent, the effects sound good and it includes a neat little sample player. It also supports a wide range of hardware controllers, which is a big plus.

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