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This is especially relevant considering how small of a profile this hard drive has.

Boost your Mac's capacity

This is especially true if you work with video or any program that renders audio or image data. In fact, the capacity of this series is so impressive that the smallest drive sold is offered the same capacity as the largest portable hard drives that we saw. As such, it should come as little surprise we ranked this the best big capacity HDD on our list. While the capacity itself is nice for those of you who have hundreds of gigabytes of data to back up, the other specs of this hard drive are equally impressive. Even better, this hard drive has the longest runtime that we saw at TBW which is more than double that of the next closest competitor.

Just make sure that you do not need to take this drive with you as its size and weight are not portable and it requires an AC outlet to power rather than bus-powered. SanDisk Extreme SDSSDEG-G25 is far more well-known for their flash drives and secure digital, or SD , drives than they are their standard hard drives-regardless of whether the drive in question is internal or external.

Best USB-C External SSDs for MacBook in

On top of that, this is easily the most durable external hard drive we saw with a waterproofing of IP55 as well as included bit AES encryption. Toshiba is not really known as a high-end hard drive manufacturer, but they do provide a solid baseline quality for electronics in general. In fact, there is a pretty good chance that one or more of your other electronic devices contain OEM Toshiba components. This issue with Toshiba hard drives, including the Toshiba HDTBXK3AA , is that the provided specs are not always consistent , and there is not really a great way of figuring out if your particular product is a dud or not ahead of time.

Still, that is a risk you have to be willing to take when looking for the best cheap external HDD. A quick glance at the specs provides a stat line that seems fairly comparable to most of the other hard drives on our list. What makes this a bit odd is that this slow down does not even seem to be consistent as the hard drive will perform as advertised the very next time you use it.

The Right Connections

This is obviously an incredibly important consideration as it determines how long the hard drive will function. On top of that, the different memory sectors of a given hard drive can corrupt asymmetrically.

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As such, the hard drive may lose smaller chunks of memory well before the entire drive fails. This is generally considered one of the most important factors when choosing an external hard drive regardless of where or for what you intend to use the drive. That said, the speed of a hard drive is generally broken up into 2 functions which each have two types.

The functions are reading the data and writing new data onto the drive while the types are sequential and random. This may be one of the most important factors in determining which is the best external hard drive for you depending on where you intend to use the hard drive. Basically, if you are looking for an external hard drive that you can take with you on the go, then the size of the hard drive will be paramount.

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Keep in mind, that the size of the hard drive covers both the physical dimensions of the hard drive as well as the weight. Of course, the lighter and more compact the hard drive generally the smaller the capacity, so you may need to find the right balance between the two. The chipset used will have a major impact on how your external hard drive performs in a couple of different ways.

The 8 best external hard drives and SSDs for Mac and PC users in 12222

The most notable to the everyday user will be how quickly the hard drive can read, write, or retrieve the data stored on the drive. That said, the durability, as well as the ability to recover corrupted data, differ significantly as well. SSD — This is seen as the premier chipset used these days for a couple of reasons. This has a bit more to do with the entry and exit point for the data signals, but the fact remains that SSDs are faster than HDDs.

Available in capacities from GB to 1TB, and weighing in at 75g , this lightweight award-winning champion is the to-go solution for anyone who needs their data backed up and transferred in a rough outdoor environment.


It does not compromise when it comes to the physical security of the drive itself, and even comes in two different colors for those who are into that sort of thing. Water resistant, shock resistant, dust resistant, and temperature resistant to the point of being able to operate in even minus twenty degrees Celsius , when you climb a mountain with it, you can just keep it strapped to your belt instead of in your bag and it will still function without problems.

And just to tempt you into doing that SanDisk has made sure that the drive comes with a convenient and easy metal clip that can let you fasten it to a belt or a bag. As with other SanDisk products, this one also comes with SecureAccess software for bit AES encryption that can be set up specific to folders of your choice inside the drive, and it is cross-compatible across Windows, Linux, OS X and Android.

Can an external SSD match the Mac Mini's pricey inbuilt storage?

Portability, durability, reliability, and speed, all wrapped up in one. The strong exterior also makes it shock-resistant and vibration-resistant, with the usual bit AES hardware encryption safeguarding your data. There is also an in- built password-protection system , where users can set up their passwords in a few seconds to make the drive inaccessible to anyone but the authorized users.

Cross compatible across Windows, OS X, and android , it has the type-C interface for easy plug-and-play with a small cord that lets you hook it up to your notebook, MacBook or smartphone, and a Type-C to Type-A converter cord that can connect to the bigger desktops and Mac systems. Stay tuned for more! Let me know in the comments below:.

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