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I myself run windows 8. The Town of Turin has just decided to switch its entire administration to Linux as a cost-cutting measure. Libre office belongs to the stone age. And Mozilla crashes often in Ubuntu. Graphics quality is also found to be poor.

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Windows seem happy to tell you your Pc, is out of date and you need a new Pc to run there new software. Thank you for such a concise comparison between the two — I have been very curious about Linux for a while. However, as someone who depends on Adobe for both school and work, I am forced to stick with Windows 7.

6 Things That Ubuntu Does Better Than Windows

I can tell you that drivers in general ARE far easier on Linux. The reason I went to Linux is proof of that. I was on Windows 8, the beta version. I had a backup DVD of Windows 7 and tried to re-install on my PC…little did I know that my daughter had decided to throw away the boxes containing my device driver CDs… I could not for the life of me get a driver that worked to get my system to recognize my hard-drives. Incorrect drivers… After trying nearly all possible Gigabyte model drivers my motherboard I got them to show up, but they would not let me install to them.

So I decided to try Ubuntu. CD in…setup… boom, all done. Highly recommend it.

Nerd Wars - Windows vs Mac vs Linux

However, I do need to go back to at least dual boot Windows. Something I can run from linux, lol…. Find a MB with dual PCI slots, install two video cards, hook up or monitors of different resolutions, sit them at slightly varying heights, maybe put one above the other monitors. How difficult is it to get all four monitors working I their native resolutions and electronically lined up so that the cursor moves with minimal jumping around moving between monitors? Is there any problem maximizing a browser on any particular screen?

Can you maximize a video and have it stay on the monitor you start it? Of course you can. But at work, where I run Ubuntu, I use two.

It worked immediately. If you want a real challenge, go get a tower from Acer. Now, install Windows. See if you can boot without having to get the install disks out. I just built a machine in January that had a boot-up time of 30 seconds. Since then, despite my best efforts in maintaining it, it now takes a good 2mins to boot up. Is there any way to run Ubuntu and windows on the same machine without uninstalling the windows os. This is a late reply, but sure!

You can dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows easily. You can also put the installation files on a USB Drive and install it with that. I have given a name to my pain. The infection. When i was using Windows 8 and 8. Linux, my fav, but the linux installation is so hungry to eat and partition my hdd and kill windows permanently.. Infection is gone now…. So linux is good only for adult webpages — the people who complain viruses are totally no skilled or adult content fans :.

Ok so if I dual-boot ubuntu with win 7, will it stil have 1. For example, now my computer uses 1,71 GB with just net opened. Since you will only be running one operating system at a time, your RAM capacity will be the same. RAMis for processing. Its not permanent. Nothing is saved. Get a cheap Android tablet instead,which is much lighter to carry around and will save you lots of money too.

I use Ubuntu I use Oracle VM virtualbox to run windowsxp for my windows applications that I need for work. This runs inside of the Linux host and the speed is great. I have a dual boot system with each OS on its own hard drive, but I rarely have to boot up in Windows because the Virtualbox runs so well. Best thing is that you can install it from the software center free. You will need a valid windows cd to install windows. Also another fact not known to many is that Windows 7 users are in a minority compared to Windows XP since many businesses and consumers have refused to move from XP to Vista or 7 because they are both slow, error prone and Windows 7 has a nasty bug which cuts you off from the Internet after doing updates.

There are efforts to port a lot of older software to Linux.

Ubuntu Mate, Windows 10 and macOS Sierra: A marriage of 3 OSs

First there Quake, Half Life. There is a concerted effort to make a Creative Suite type software for Linux. So Linux is catching up and with all of the security holes in Windows and its server versions, many businesses are definitely talking about moving to Linux. What is scary is that Windows server is known to be full of security holes but banks continue to use it anyway. And we wonder why banks are losing our data! Linux is safer. You could sell Linux to banks,they sure need it. Someone tried to force a subscription to magazine. That unsafe online buying is serious. We shoppers feel paranoid too.

I suggest you dual boot, that way you can give yourself time to learn to use ubuntu. And you can access all your existing files in Ubuntu. Geez, I just finished reading all these replies and it seems most of them are petty shots at something due to a lack of knowledge.

I have been using linux since , and have watched it bloom. Currently have xubuntu I use gimp, libreoffice, xchat , firefox, and filezilla to name a few. All work flawlessly. Anyone needing programs that are windows only can install windows as a vurtual machine and run it simultaneously with linux, so all windows programs work on linux. Running windows in virtualbox cures all the virus and malware crap, and alot of the driver crap as well.

Wake up and smell the roses. Educate yourself before blowing off about things you know nothing about. My lappy is an asus i7 quad, that came with win8. Win8 lasted approx 5 min, long emough to boot xubuntu live on usb and install it. Unetbootin is cool, but try multisys, which allows up to 10 os live on 1 usb stick. People that buy mac computers are foolish, osx is locked up linux. You can have better with an intel laptop and linux, just make it look like a mac if you want because all things linux can be changed.

You can create your own world in linux if you take a few to read how. I have an xp netbook which is not usable any more because it takes at least more than 10 minutes to turn it on and 4 minutes to shut down. I just installed ubuntu, My God, what a day and night difference!! I am Converted! Will never look back to Windows again, the stone age OS. If you have a lower-end computer, the performance and whatnot is going to matter.

There are a bunch of services and whatnot that can be disabled, as well as some background things that can also be removed.

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Of course windows is more stable this days win7, win8 but it seems nobody considers its really weak and dissaster of structure it has. The Use of Registry since its concept was very bad for the system administration, then its structure of AppData has been used in such a way that actual programs spread all around your computer, parts in windows directory like in system32, parts in AppData parts in Roaming, parts in Registry, besides your installation directory which if it happens to be Corel or Adobe for example, you will see more file spliting that you can immagine because of the use of Common Files.

So it becomes practically impossible to have control on what and where something is really installed and what files belong to a program. I do not know how the structure of Linux is, but to my recall it does not lets you mix files in kernel areas. The complesx part in the case of Linux is the use of dependencies, this is the use of parts of other programs libraries or routines, but to my knowledge there are some options to administer them an to keep them updated.

That comparisson is the oine I would like to see between Linux and windows, the structure, the services, the drivers, not their interfaces, becasue that is the desktop and has nothing to do with the OS. I use my laptop with Ubuntu for all my web browsing and my Windows 7 desktop for all my games.

Ubuntu is by far my favorite and most used OS. I had to reinstall Win7 which went like a piece of cake. My mom is a beginner computer user. She currently has Windows XP on her machine. After reading this article, I think I am switching her over to Linux. Do you see this as a good idea for a beginner user? I think I started using windows 1. I have one thing to add pertaining to office software for WIndows. They work just as well on WIndows as they do on Linux. I also wish my wife would switch to Linux.

I recently purchased a Windows 8. I had to start the computer in safe mode to rid it of this junk. Within a few hours or couple days of these software updates, the complaining starts about how slow and useless her computer is. Then I spend a couple hours fixing it. I never have to do this on a linux computer. Earlier, I was worried of the sudo codes for installing every-time.

Now , My Ram is free of loaded quick-heal and kaspersky. Ubuntu better,, no windows better,,, shut up please… every Os has his advantages.. Ubuntu is open source while windows is not…. Ubuntu cost nothing… while windows cost…. Viruses are myth on Ubuntu. Ubuntu use less resources than Windows…and somehow might be faster… but as always depends on your hardware..

Windows has also his advantages.. First of all Apps,Programs,, sec, tons of Games.. Windows might have Viruses but that is because of his popularity….. Windows 7 slows down in a matter of months,No matter how any times i reinstall or format.. Computer is slow… Wipes computer and installs Windows again, spends 3 hours installing drivers and antivirus.

Computer is still slow. I can now get my work done faster. Morale: Games are a disadvantage both ways, Ubuntu forced me out of my gaming world so I could get my work done faster, as a side note, my computer is now twice as fast :. It is amazing how easy it has become to use. My wife, who had never used it before, took to it like she had been using it her entire life. My 5 year old son has no problems at all. I have never had a virus.


Installation is a breeze. I love it. Jerry, that is the best advertisment, a long-term user who says ease of use,install, and all the family can use it. Good thing i had a flash drive with linux mint The mad and the philosophical guys use ubuntu. It cannot match the ease of windows. Its drawback, for Ubuntu power-users, is that it makes it harder to adjust Ubuntu's settings manually. On the other hand, most users, especially ones who are new to Ubuntu, find it very easy to use. Canonical , the company behind Ubuntu, has made it clear that regardless of whether you use Ubuntu on a desktop, tablet or smartphone the Unity interface is going to be there and it's going to look the same.

A first look at Ubuntu Windows 8 Metro is, if anything, even more of a departure from its predecessor than Unity. Metro has replaced icons with tiles. In addition, by default, you can only work with applications in tiles or in full-screen format. Even such familiar friends as the Start button are missing. I've been working with Metro for months now. After all that time, I still think Windows 8 with Metro will be dead on arrival.

Even people who really like Metro say things like "the default presentation is ugly and impersonal. True, there's also the Windows 8 Desktop, which still doesn't have a Start button, but otherwise looks and works like the Windows 7 Aero interface, but it's a sop to users who don't want Metro. Sooner rather than later, Microsoft wants everyone on Metro. For ages one of the bogus raps against desktop Linux has been that there hasn't been enough applications for it.

That was never true. What Linux didn't have was the same applications as Windows. To an extent, that's still true. You can't still get say Quicken, Outlook, or Photoshop natively on Linux. Of course, with the use of WINE and its commercial big brother Codeweaver's Crossover , you can run these, and other Windows programs, on top of Linux. On the other hand, I find some Linux programs, such as Evolution for e-mail, an optional program in Ubuntu, to be far better than their Windows equivalents.

In addition, if like more and more people these days the program you really use all the time is a Web browser for everything then Windows has no advantage what-so-ever. Chrome, as my testing has shown time and again, is the best Web browser around runs equally well on Ubuntu and Windows. On both, however, you'll need to download it. Ubuntu defaults to using Firefox and Windows 8, of course, uses Internet Explorer.

What I find really interesting though is that Microsoft is actually removing functionality from Windows 8. If you want to play DVDs on Windows 8 or use it as a media center, you'll need to pay extra. DVD-players and the power to stream media remain free options in Ubuntu and most other Linux distributions. There has been a lot of talk lately about malware on Macs and it's true. Macs are vulnerable to security breeches. So, for that matter, are Linux systems. But never, ever forget that for every single Mac virus or worm, there have been thousands of Windows attackers.

And, that while Linux can be attacked as well, in practice, it' more secure than either Mac OS X or Windows and there has never been a significant Linux desktop security worm. Could it happen? But, get real, I do run Linux with virus protection, ClamAV , but I'm paranoid, and even so I've never seen a single attacker, much less suffered a successful attack, in almost twenty years of using Linux desktops.

I wish I could say the same of my Windows systems. Basically, it comes with three official editions: Ubuntu Desktop — for the personal computer, Ubuntu Server — for making the servers and Ubuntu Core for the IoT and Robots. Some key features of Ubuntu are given below:. Watch our Demo Courses and Videos. Windows 10 is an operating system series which is developed by Microsoft. It was released in July It was launch to target personal computing. The key features of the Window 10 are given below:. Below is the top 18 difference between Ubuntu vs Windows Both Ubuntu vs Windows 10 are popular choices in the market; let us discuss some of the major Difference Between Ubuntu vs Windows This is all about the difference between Ubuntu vs Windows This has a been a guide to the top difference between Ubuntu vs Windows Here we also discuss the Ubuntu vs Windows 10 key differences with infographics, and comparison table.