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I am not a developer nor do I know how much they go through when making a game, but just little things like that I believe will make tycoon fanatics come over and by your game, or it will inspire new creators to join your side ;. Other than that I really hope you guys read this comment. I am an avid dinosaur gamer and I actually am intended to stick with you guys. Best wishes and luck to the crew back from Indiana, USA! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Hey there ladies and gentlemen! Share this:. Looks astounding. Can you please confirm if this will also be able for Mac? Seconding Pookatoo. Besides, birds are bright as heck. Go wild, guys. We were tailoring it to the fan base that has been waiting thirteen years of Operation [name].

But we wanted to expand it to people those who are fans of tycoon games, fans of dinosaur era, and up to where we can't define them to a single group. We are aiming for a Teen rating so it's comforting for parents and it allows a greater range of people to play it. We understand there will be people pirating it and finding ways around the rating, but we still want to include them. What can players expect while playing your game? More importantly an experience that is tailored to what they want.

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They define what they want in the era, items, narrative, company and other customization. What we have found to be surprisingly true is that it is a toolbox, a suitcase. It is not a predefined journey or anything like that. What's your favorite dinosaur in your game? But the Gallimimus is the most refreshing take on the computer dinosaurs.

How many options and pieces will be available for the build your own park section? So in other words, you can build structures in any way you want. There will be walls, pieces, and other parts for the AI to interact with as far as customers, executives and dinosaurs. Instead of giving you a set of buildings, we would rather the number be unlimited and give players free range to build. Will there be some staff created parks for players to use?

There will be some that make it into it. That's just because we enjoy building the buildings in our system, but there is going to be an event that hasn't been announced yet that will let players interact with the game before the game releases so that the fans and players and gamers in general can come and help us pre-build buildings for the players that don't want to use the moduler system.

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So there will be preset buildings, and a way for players to make their own, but we are going to be including the community to build the base line. Will there be DLC for the game?

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What would it contain? We would like to add anything new such as skins, we would like it to be updates into the game weekly or monthly, adding new creatures or skins to the games; depending on take off.

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The full game is still to be announced at a later date. You can follow for more information and updates on Facebook and YouTube.

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  • I also enjoy writing short stories in my spare time and am working with a few Indie Developers as the lead story writer for their games. You read that right. You can be any dinosaur of your choosing! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit.

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