Python on mac os x mountain lion

[1] How To Download and Install Python 3.4 3.3 ON MAC OSX 10.11 10.10

It points to the XQuartz homepage where you can find an installer:. I've reworded the error messagehopefully it will be more helpful to those who stumble upon it in the future. Let us know if there are any problems with installing Python after XQuartz is installed! Building X11 on OS X is a tricky business.

The team on macosforge has been building it for years and their builds were used by Apple in all version of OS X prior to Mountain Lion. So, we decided to leave this one to the professionals since a bad build of X11 can cause a lot of havoc.

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I put the dependency for X11 which is Xquartz into the python formula, because python uses Tk as the default GUI toolkit and Tk, in turn, includes one or two X11 headers. I don't know yet if we can avoid depending on all of X I am not an X11 expert. It seems that Tk draws its windows natively on OS X, so there is hope Can we close this now? Unless someone can install python with Tk without the need for X please let me know , we can't do anything more.

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  • 1. Ensure correct environment variables exist.

Closing; there is no configure switch to turn of Tk, though it might be possible by editing the modules files. But we might piss off some people because it's still kind of the "works always" default GUI while other GUI toolkits need to be installed separately. We realize it can be confusing install things like Python.

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I hope you can accept the answer was to install XQuartz yourself because it requires sudo and to then try your Python install again. If you can think of a way to help others not have your problems, please suggest what we could say or do. Note , a request to have an option "--without-tk" which would imply that no Xquartz is needed. Skip to content. This repository has been archived by the owner.

Setting Up Python on OSX Mountain Lion (Updated at May 21, 2013)

It is now read-only. For details, please follow the steps in the macOS Configuration Guide. We are going to install the latest version of Python via Homebrew. Why bother, you ask, when Apple includes Python along with macOS?

Install the latest Python versions on Mac OS X Mountain Lion ()

If you need to install the deprecated, legacy Python version 2. This makes it easy to test your code on both Python 3 and 2. Homebrew recently changed the names of Python-related binaries to avoid potential confusion with those bundled with macOS. As a result, pip became pip2 , et cetera. Between this change and the many new improvements in Python 3, it seems a good time to start using pip3 for all the examples that will follow below.

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The following command will install Mercurial and hg-git :. Python packages installed via the steps above are global in the sense that they are available across all of your projects. That can be convenient at times, but it can also create problems. For example, sometimes one project needs the latest version of Django, while another project needs an older Django version to retain compatibility with a critical third-party extension. This is one of many use cases that Virtualenv was designed to solve.

What happens if we think we are working in an active virtual environment, but there actually is no virtual environment active, and we install something via pip3 install foobar?