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If you want to record audio for music production, podcasts or something else, you need the best audio recording software for Mac. By default, Mac allows you to record audio from Mac internal mic, which is fine if you want to take quick audio notes. If you want to record system audio, install Soundflower on your Mac. Most the following Mac Audio recorder allows you to change audio source. Down below, we have covered some of the best audio recording software for Mac that you can use.

QuickTime, as you may know, is an inbuilt utility in macOS. Just so you know, QuickTime also lets you record video using a webcam or a connected device. Now, coming to the audio recording feature of QuickTime, everything is super-easy. You have a really intuitive interface with minimal customization options. For instance, QuickTime lets you change the recording source — pick between the internal microphone and the system audio with SoundFlower.

You can also change the Recording quality between High and Maximum. Once these are set, just hit the Record button.

As the program records your voice, you can see the size of the recording file also. However, there is no option to pause audio recording , you can only stop it and start a new one.

The Best Audio Editing Software for 12222

QuickTime is the best Mac software for casual audio recording. It gets the job done — with minimum things at stake. Everything you record will be available in a single file. That having said, we would not recommend QuickTime for professionals. Audacity is a free and open source audio recording software for Mac. We use for recording audio for our YouTube channel. You have an option to choose the recording source we use it with Blue Yeti mic , recording channel type, audio type etc. As you can see below, it does offer a wider range of control as well.

But, the best part about Audacity for Mac is that it comes along with a bunch of editing tools. In fact, Audacity is a digital audio editor , first, and recorder later. Unlike QuickTime, Audacity lets you perform basic audio editing tasks like editing. You will also find options like effects, voice generation, noise removal, and track-based management. In case you are into professional audio recording and editing, there is a wide variety of Audacity plug-ins to choose from.

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Another bright side is that you will be able to export the audio recording in almost any format. As we said, Audacity is made for professionals. Did we say that Audacity is free to use? At least, you would not have to worry about paying a huge amount for your DAW. Simple Recorder is a truly simple solution for audio recording in Mac.

Unlike QuickTime and Audacity, which takes multiple mouse click to start the recording, Simple Recorder sits in the menu bar and can start the audio recording in just two clicks. Best solution when you want to take quick notes. You can select the source of recording from the drop-down menu. I also spent two years teaching audio recording and editing at a local university. My recommendations are based on my impressions of the programs as I edited and restored poorly recorded audio with each one, and I specifically focused on testing features I think are the most useful if you have limited editing experience.

We tested and researched programs that are easy enough for novices to use. To test noise-reduction capabilities, we uploaded an unedited podcast recording that was laced with hiss, hums and pops. We used all the tools available in each program to edit the track without adversely affecting the sound of the voices. He suggests using audio editing software with multitrack recording capabilities because recording each mic separately saves time in the post-production process and results in a cleaner, more cohesive product.

He also suggests taking a little extra time before you start recording to make sure microphone levels are correct. It can be cleaned up, but it will never sound as good as if it was a clean recording to begin with. Recording Capability Some audio editing software can only edit files. If you plan to record your voice for a podcast, make sure you choose a program that can record from a USB microphone or audio interface.

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Some of the programs we reviewed can record multiple sources simultaneously, known as multitrack recording. This is a handy feature for podcast producers who use more than one microphone, and it allows you to edit those tracks separately. Editing Tools and Effects All the programs we tested can handle simple editing tasks like fade-ins and fade-outs, volume normalization, and copying and pasting. However, the best programs include advanced tools that apply fun effects like delay, echo and pitch-shifting.

They also have mastering effects so you can publish your results at industry-standard volume levels for online and physical distribution. Track Count All the programs we tested allow you to record audio, but only about half of them can record more than two tracks per session.

The best programs we tested support more than 20 tracks per session. If you plan to record more than one mic and integrate other audio content, such as beat-beds and sound effects, the post-production process is much easier if each source is on its own track.

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The programs we tested for this comparison are the perfect solution for recording podcasts, editing and repairing field recordings and digitizing an old vinyl collection. Other than audio editing software, the most important piece of gear you need to produce a podcast is a microphone. If you plan to record with multiple microphones simultaneously, an audio interface is a better option.

But if you need to record only one source at a time, here are a couple of our favorite USB microphones:. Sound quality is vastly superior to anything else I have tried; also, Audirvana Plus offers very useful tweaks, a library function and a much improved interface.

Sound Control

Quite simply, I cannot think of any enhancements needed. This is very well conceived and executed on every level, demonstrating your deep understanding of the Mac hardware and software platforms. Audirvana Plus 2. Very nice work, indeed. Audirvana to me sounds so organic and detailed.

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Everything in the mix is so easy to follow and every sound has shape, body and space. Somehow Audirvana manages incredible detail without this trait at all. Light years ahead of the other! Libraries and Playlists. Audio File Formats. High-Res Streaming Services. Audio Devices. Plugins Audio.