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In fact, you can jump directly to a specific line number of a text file on launch of vim or nano. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. On a historic note, this was added to vi so you could jump to a line mentioned in an error message from the C compiler and command line IDEs used it extensively.

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I doubt it, but then again you can just easily skip to a line in things like TextWrangler. Name required.

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The lower-left corner is less popular location on Mac than Windows. Mac, Windows, and Linux systems have a hosts file that locally does the work of the public DNS — translating host names typed on browser address field to IP address numbers. Analysis at one time showed this ranking by speed:.

Creating Plain .txt (text) files using TextEdit (On Mac)

Different commands are needed for different versions of OS. OSX Most developers leave files un-hidden. OSX does not come with the tree command that many other Linux distributions provide. So add it using brew:.

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  5. The profile file is run during boot-up to configure the terminal to define file path, shims, and autocompletion handlers. One of the earliest articles on bash here shows shell variables, environment variables, and aliases. According to the bash man page ,. This page contains notes for system administrators and developers, who need to control Macs below the UI level, which require typing commands into a command-line terminal screen.

    The second column, PID, lists the process identifier. Copy a PID number for use in the kill command, such as:. See Distriwatch. Paul Irish is one of top pros among developers, and now a Google Evangelist.

    How To Create Shortcut Commands in the Terminal for your Mac!

    He put his Mac configuration settings on github. But he recommends cloning github.

    12 Ways to Open Files on a Mac

    On the Git page notice that he has established an industry convention of using Projects folder we defined earlier. As with more and less , this only really works with plain text files. Also, note that pico doesn't have menus or command-key cloverleaf, Apple-key, whatever you call it shortcuts, or pay any attention to what you do with the mouse. Instead, you use the arrow keys to move around, and control-key shortcuts to do things you'd normally do with the mouse and menus.

    But, the control-key shortcuts have no connection to the command-key shortcuts you're used to; for example, control-X means quit and ask if you want to save changes , not cut. There's a list of control-key's at the bottom of the window, and control-G will give you more extensive help. Note, though, that the F-key equivalents it lists for some commands don't work. They're both more powerful than pico , but also a lot harder to figure out if you aren't already familiar with them.