Mac mini ivy bridge cpu

Apple's New Mac minis Have Ivy Bridge Mobile CPUs

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Macintosh Quadra AV.

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Apple quietly updates Macs to remove Zoom webcam exploit

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Does the Mac mini support Intel Hyper-Threading? Ask Question. So does the display of 6 cores on this Mac mini mean: Hyper-Threading is not offered by this chip?

This chip really has only 3 cores, and 6 virtual? Nimesh Neema Basil Bourque Basil Bourque 3, 16 16 gold badges 54 54 silver badges 94 94 bronze badges. Hyper-Threading is not offered by this chip? This chip doesn't feature Intel Hyper-Threading technology. Hyper-Threading is disabled by default by Apple now No. This chip has 6 physical cores.

Video Compression Speed Test: iMac vs. Mac Mini [u] | Larry Jordan

Nimesh Neema Nimesh Neema Thanks for the info. Medical School or Games Industry? Featured on Meta. Custom Filters release announcement.

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