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Empower individuals across your organization to create and share high-quality documentation and streamline complex workflows. From making status updates and searching the web to creating reports and spreadsheets, Dragon speech recognition software lets you do it all—faster and more efficiently—whether you're a student, a professional or an enterprise user.

Dragon Professional Individual For Mac Commands

Dragon speech recognition software is better than ever. Speak and your words appear on the screen. Say commands and your computer obeys. Master Dragon right out of the box and start experiencing big productivity gains immediately. Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice. Integrate with the professional-grade dictation solution, Dragon Anywhere for iOS and Android, and dictate and edit documents wherever your job takes you.

Define simple voice commands to short-cut repetitive processes, speed up document creation and boost your productivity. Add customised words for accurate recognition of the industry terms, acronyms or personal preferences you use every day. Across industries, Dragon is helping professionals focus on doing their jobs—not tedious paperwork—with great results. Omni-channel customer engagement. Financial Services. Dragon speech recognition.

Power PDF. Store BLOG. Business solutions. Dragon for financial services Dragon for education Dragon for small business. Dragon accessibility solutions Dragon transcription solutions Dragon for healthcare. Dragon headsets and microphone Speech recognition app. Dragon support. Call to place your order:. Resource library Contact us. Contact us.

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Dragon Speech Recognition Software. Voice is ready for work Documentation productivity driven by voice allows you to work quickly and smartly. Dragon solutions. Streamline business documentation.

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Work with documents anywhere. Meet the Dragon family Choose the best speech recognition solution for you. Dragon Professional Individual, v15 For standalone PCs Create and transcribe documents, use standard text and document templates, automate key processes, control and work with other applications, customise commands and much more. Learn more. Dragon Anywhere Voice recognition software on the move.

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Flexible and productive - Control applications from web browsers to spreadsheets with you voice - Open standard letters and document templates with just a few voice commands - Insert boiler plate texts, standard tables and more with simple spoken instructions - Use bespoke macros to automate multi-step workflows or business processes with simple voice commands. Enhancing workplace health - Use voice recognition instead of keyboard and mouse to reduce the possibility of repetitive strain injuries - Keep using voice recognition software while standing and moving around, so it is not necessary to sit for long periods - Continue dictating while looking away from the screen, to help with eye health - Dictate while sitting with enhanced posture — which using keyboard and mouse can degrade.

Mobile and cloud-based Use Dragon Anywhere speech recognition software alongside Desktop or Enterprise Dragon for enhanced productivity away from the office. With Dragon Anywhere you can: - Access cloud based documents and personalised phrases from anywhere - Save dictated text to the cloud for later use - Complete documents that have been started earlier.

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  4. Productivity There's a Dragon for anyone who wants to be more productive From making status updates and searching the web to creating reports and spreadsheets, Dragon speech recognition software lets you do it all—faster and more efficiently—whether you're a student, a professional or an enterprise user.

    Nuances says its reason for discontinuing Dragon Professional Individual for Mac comes from "constantly evaluating its product portfolio to see how we can best meet the needs of our customers and business. Dragon Medical for Mac was also discontinued back in August. Tags: Nuance , Dragon. Top Rated Comments View all.

    AJ Mac This is ridiculous. They took a great program from the Mac world, MacSpeech, and destroyed it. Support was always terrible and software prices were expensive. They are a monopoly and now we are left without a viable dictation software program for the Mac platform.

    Time for Apple or someone else to step in. Nuance were one of the worst companies on Mac. Their software was extremely poor compared to Windows. Furthermore they pissed off a lot of people following Lion or Mountain Lion, I forget which. Their Dragon Dictate software was available but not supported on the latest OS. They continued to sell it for about 4 months whilst the latest OS was out, then released a brand new version with compatibility on the latest OS and said the previous version wasn't compatible with it.

    I was gobsmacked. Luckily I've since left that role but the pain remains. The built-in Siri on macOS is pretty good for speech to text and the built in reader on macOS can convert any highlighted text to speech. You can have both triggering on a keyboard shortcut of your discretion. It may be worth trying that first before going third party as it has native OS integration. Swype was such an awesome keyboard when it first released then Nuance bought it and destroyed it.

    I had to quickly jump in and explain!! We still joke about that 2 years later! Yep, you'd think with all Apple tout about accessibility, this might be on the list. Mind you, Nuance may well have had some antitrust threats for Apple wouldn't surprise me , much like Kaspersky did for Microsoft. At least now, Apple have no excuse not to fully develop speech control for upcoming macOS releases. I remember using Dragon version 3 on Windows and it was the pits. Version 7 was a big step up. But, on the Mac, it has always been buggy.

    Nuance Discontinues Dragon Professional Individual for Mac

    The built-in Apple speech recognition is on par with Dragon dictate, which Nuance wanted you to re-purchase every year or two. Good riddance. I'll use their Windows product on my Windows virtual machine partition. When I switched to a Mac, the PaperPort-created. After several years I discovered GraphicConverter, a wonderful file-converting app that is able to convert. In its later years, Paperport was able to create. Give GraphicConverter a try - you will probably like it. I just joined the discussion to say that Nuance are an evil and disgusting company and I gave up on any of their software years ago.

    In fact, I dictated this comment.

    Dragon Speech Recognition Software

    Have you given it a try? Edited to add: I've used and loved Dragon Anywhere for short term but complex projects on my iPad. I just buy it for a month and then cancel. Guides Powerbeats Pro Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds.

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